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My characters tend to be of the type that society normally shuns: addicts, convicts, the homeless and the mentally ill. These are the sorts of characters with the most interesting stories, and they’re usually a lot more likable people than you’d think.

My publications include the romantic suspense novel Love or Money (Limitless Publishing, 1/12/16):  and the Other Place Series (The Hustle, Limitless Publishing, 5/31/16; The Other Place, 7/5/16; Love and War, 3/7/17; and Synchronicity, coming 5/2/17.) All my books are available on Amazon and through barnesandnoble.com.

Elizabeth is an experienced freelance editor of most genres of fiction. She has experience with MG, YA, NA and adult; and with romance, fantasy, science fiction, suspense, mystery,  horror, humor, women’s fiction, narrative nonfiction, and literary fiction.

You can purchase her books by clicking on them below.

 Hustle cover   other place front cover   love or money


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Author of gritty fiction|Freelance Editor