SON OF A PITCH IS BACK! Welcome to Team Discord!

It’s one of my favorite times of year! #SonOfAPitch time!

The theme this  year is MY LITTLE PONY. I, of course, went with the pony just like me, DISCORD: a sower of chaos, who is slowly learning to mend his ways.

If you don’t know what Son of a Pitch is, it’s a writing competition for those with finished, polished, full-length manuscripts. You submit your query and first 250 words, and then get detailed critiques from professional author judges, as well as from peers! It’s a great way to polish your query and first page, learn lots about writing, and meet cool people in the writing community. Not only that, but you’ll get a chance to get your book in front of some great publishers and get requests! You can read up on the details here.

We already have some really great success stories. You could be the next one! Even if you don’t get requests directly from the contest, a lot of our contestants go on to get deals afterward, because they get such good critique in the contest, and make other author friends that become critique partners. As long as you have an unpublished, finished, polished manuscript (most genres are accepted!), and you aren’t agented, there’s really no excuse! Get those entries in and join the fun! THE ENTRY WINDOW IS NOW OPEN. Instructions here. 

As some of you know, I’m a judge in the contest. I really enjoy reading people’s stories, getting to know them, and celebrating their successes with them later.  Those of you who don’t know me, you can read my wish list and publication story (at least, in a nutshell, because it’s a pretty wild one in its full length), and about the other judges, here.

As you can see from my wish list, I like pretty much all the books. I have experience writing pretty much all the books, too—I can’t decide on a genre, because I like them all so much. The novels I have published now are a mix of YA and adult, fantasy and reality, and I have eleven completed books on my backlist, which I’m in the process of editing or trying to find homes for. Those range in genre from YA contemporary fantasy, to adult romantic comedy.

I’ve also gotten a series of short horror stories contracted with the 13 horror anthologies put out by Limitless Publishing. The first of those, “Under Mama’s Roof”, is already out in 13: Deja Vu. The preorder link for the anthology with Part II (“Into Mama’s Lair”) went live today!

The one thing most of my books have in common is they deal with mental illness, addiction, homelessness, and abuse. They also have a lot of LGBTQIA characters. They’re own voices books: I’m neurodiverse in a lot of wacky ways (I’m autistic, bipolar, and have PTSD), and I’m bisexual. These experiences inspire a lot of stories, and writing them is quite literally what keeps me alive sometimes.

What little money I make from selling these books is also part of what keeps me alive, so if you have spot on your reading list, you should check my books out and see if anything catches your fancy.

Part of the reason I judge in writing competitions (besides the fact that I just love to read all the stories) is because I know how important writing is, and how much those stories can mean, not only to their authors, but to readers. It’s a pretty great thing, to be able to be present while other writers are telling their stories, and to help them along in any way I can.

So get those entries in! I’d love to have you on #TeamDiscord, no matter what your genre.

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